Social project

Behind the scenes of Albergo Pallone, beats its social heart that daily enters the scene.

Pallone is work training for vulnerable people: it is a space that creates relations, growth and social ransom.

Pallone is accomodation and hospitality, for work, tourism or necessity.
Pallone is a place that hosts and promotes the idea and the culture of solidarity.

Staying at Pallone, you can enjoy also this: a space and people that every day concieve new ways to make Bologna more welcoming.

In all its meanings.

We are AITR partners, because we believe in responsible tourism’s values and in its power to create equality and solidarity.

“Responsible tourism” is attention to local comunity, to the fair and sustainable employment of resources. It is respect of the environment and of the honest and fairly paid work.

“Responsible tourism” is attention to the individual and its necessities; it is looking at the environment through the “accessibility’s glass”.

“Responsible tourism” means welfare: taking responsability for society’s needs going beyond the walls of prejudices.


Our suppliers

We promote the services and products of the cooperative world.
Quality and social usefulness!